How to Set Up Microsoft 365 Email On iPhone & iPad

Set Up Microsoft 365 (Exchange) Email

Microsoft 365’s corporate email, calendar, and contact services are built on top of the company’s ultra-fast ActiveSync protocol. Many small to enterprise size businesses use Microsoft 365 (Exchange) for their email services. If you happen to be one of them, we’ve drafted a how-to guide to help you set up email on your iPhone or iPad. Both iPhone and iPad have the same exact iOS version and will work with either device.

Top 10 Reasons Why An Antivirus Is Important

The Importance Of An Antivirus

Why do many managed IT service providers place so much emphasis on security? Let’s illustrate with a story. The day begins with you rolling over to your phone to check email. After a shower, breakfast and coffee, and some light workouts, the work day begins. Working from home cuts commute time to 15 seconds. You log into your workstation to check any missed emails. An Amazon email order arrives in your inbox. You click on the message, then the link to track your package. Turns out the link you clicked was a phishing attempt and you now have a compromised workstation. Panicking is a normal reaction at this time and you’re unsure of what to do next.

You’ve read about scenarios similar to the story above. Malware takes over the computer and now the hacker is asking for Bitcoin or money to unlock the data. What do you do next?

Working for a managed IT service provider has taught me to always have an antivirus app installed on every device. Back in the olden days, word of mouth from Apple made Macs seem safe from any malicious attacks. The statement is simply not true. While Macs were not widely adopted as quickly as Windows, the demand for Mac devices has risen recently and thus attracted more cybercriminals. Fast forward to today, all devices, whether Windows or macOS are exposed to security vulnerabilities. Performing Windows and macOS updates practices good technical hygiene. With that said, here are 10 important reasons for installing an antivirus for any device.

20 Working From Home Security Tips for 2021

Working From Home in 2021

While the pandemic shifted numerous industries and the work force associated with them, working from home will be a trend that remains for the foreseeable future. As more companies work with employees to set up a home office, the question for businesses is how does the company keep a high level of cybersecurity for employees while working from home? Until now, most company associates would report to the office to work within their designated offices. The cybersecurity protocols installed at the office would handle all security aspects for the employees.

The short answer is practicing good cybersecurity habits. Putting in an effort to educate and practice daily cybersecurity activities will pay dividends in the long run. We’ve compiled a list of 20 work from home security tips to help combat bad actors & educate work from home users.

How to Transfer Files From OneDrive to Google Drive

Fast Facts

  • Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace are the two biggest corporate email providers. Both come equipped with lots of storage features. For instance, Microsoft provides OneDrive and Google has Google Drive. Both are cloud based apps that act like document repositories.
  • OneDrive is a software tool used to host files for an organization. The organization’s associates can share files and folders, work on documents, or collaborate with each other. OneDrive comes with the Microsoft Suite.
  • Google Drive is a cloud & software based utility that allows end users to store data in their own personal Google Drive. You can collaborate with others as needed and work in real time within specific documents.

Why Move Files From OneDrive To Google Drive?

If a company performed an email migration from Microsoft 365 to Google Workspace, chances are the organization utilized OneDrive for storage and sharing capacity. The tutorial will provide a couple of different solutions to move data from Microsoft OneDrive to Google Drive. Depending on your comfort level, one method may be more beneficial than the other.

To transfer files from OneDrive to Google Drive, finding the solution you’re most comfortable with will bring twice the results with half the effort. Read on to learn what method of preference you’d like to use for the transfer to help you achieve migration success.