How to Transfer Files From OneDrive to Google Drive

Fast Facts

  • Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace are the two biggest corporate email providers. Both come equipped with lots of storage features. For instance, Microsoft provides OneDrive and Google has Google Drive. Both are cloud based apps that act like document repositories.
  • OneDrive is a software tool used to host files for an organization. The organization’s associates can share files and folders, work on documents, or collaborate with each other. OneDrive comes with the Microsoft Suite.
  • Google Drive is a cloud & software based utility that allows end users to store data in their own personal Google Drive. You can collaborate with others as needed and work in real time within specific documents.

Why Move Files From OneDrive To Google Drive?

If a company performed an email migration from Microsoft 365 to Google Workspace, chances are the organization utilized OneDrive for storage and sharing capacity. The tutorial will provide a couple of different solutions to move data from Microsoft OneDrive to Google Drive. Depending on your comfort level, one method may be more beneficial than the other.

To transfer files from OneDrive to Google Drive, finding the solution you’re most comfortable with will bring twice the results with half the effort. Read on to learn what method of preference you’d like to use for the transfer to help you achieve migration success.

How To Sign Out Of Windows 10

Sign Out Of Windows 10

A helpful way of keeping a computer in tip top shape is signing out on a daily basis. Every Managed IT Service provider works with customers to ensure all users have logged out of their session. Practicing signing out is beneficial to the PC and other aspects of the computer. For starters, IT administrators can begin to perform daily proactive tasks, such as company wide backups, anti-virus scans, and rebooting servers. In addition, signing out is a way for updates to run in the background without informing you to reboot. Lastly, the entire Windows “session” belonging to the end user account is ended, thus, giving the computer’s resources a break.

How to Change the Default Email Account in iOS 14

Modify iOS Default Email Account

Do you use multiple email accounts on your iPhone or iPad? Notably, changing the default email account will help with your workflow using the appropriate email account when responding or sending emails. In addition, the default email is used when sharing content from Safari, Apple’s first-party apps, and third-party apps.

Outlook Search Bar Moved to Top

Outlook Search Bar Moved

Microsoft Office, specifically Outlook, has updated over the past several months with design updates. You may have noticed a new location of the search bar. Microsoft pushed an Outlook update that moved the search box within Outlook to the top of the application window.

The search bar moving, not simply its position that has changed, though, per Microsoft the feature update is suppose perform faster searches and it does seem to do that. Microsoft has been working hard to overhaul the search engine used throughout Office and Windows. The evolution of Microsoft Outlook will continue, the search bar is merely one aspect.

This Is How Doctor Offices Are Fighting Ransomware

Healthy IT Protocols

A doctor’s office is no different than a traditional business. Each practice comes equipped with computers, firewalls, servers, and other network related devices. How can medical practices maintain a high level of cybersecurity? For starters, implementing system wide updates on a continuous basis provides up to date patches on security vulnerabilities. Secondly up to date systems helps prevent malicious actors from accessing the practice’s network with security holes plugged up. Lastly a healthy system is an optimized system for best cybersecurity practices.