3 Content Marketing Ideas To Use Today!

Looking back at 2013, influential marketers would agree that 2013 was a big year for content marketing. More companies are beginning to shift away from traditional marketing tactics, such as banner ads, and looking for optimal ways of connecting with the business’ core audience. As we look ahead to 2014, I thought it would be a real treat to provide 3 content marketing ideas that most businesses can use starting today.

Content Marketing That Helps Answer Your Customer’s Questions

Share a list of questions and answer these questions by listing top ideas on how to resolve customer pain points. Content marketing is about providing customers with valuable and relevant content that allows a business to interact with the targeted audience in an effort to have the customer perform the desired conversion. A lot companies fall under the trap of distributing content they think customers want to read, but often fail to listen to what the customer actually wants. To ensure success, listen the target audience by engaging in social media, forums, and, if possible, talk to the customer in person.

Innovate Your Content

Innovation does not always have to come from within the organization. The idea of content marketing is to generate quality content for the desired audience. Why not get the target customers involved? The right content mix can incorporate original marketing ideas, however, the business can call upon the advocates and work alongside the marketing team to develop fresh content. Always begin with loyal customers who are trustworthy and have an authoritative voice to the customers. Finding creative ways to tell a powerful story, message, or an idea, can barely feel like advertising and can assist draw customers to you.

Tap Employees For Creativity

The reality of content marketing is that all departments in a company can contribute one way or another. Sales individuals have the inside track of how customers think, most desired features the customer wants, and what is most important about the product to the individual. The web analyst can provide user behavior on the website and can segment visits by a certain metrics to see what customers are really looking for in a product. The list goes on. Each employee in different departments can contribute to the marketing team with tidbits of information on the customer’s admiration. The data is there, use it to make intelligent content marketing ideas and attract the traffic that converts!

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