Be Informed About HeartBleed

The newest vulnerability to hit the internet within the last couple of days is a bug known to the public as HeartBleed. What exactly is HeartBleed? The virus is an exploit inside an open source software called OpenSSL. OpenSSL, in simple terms, is a free software that is widely used to encrypt web communication on a multitude of websites throughout the internet. The big exploit at the moment is the virus reveals user’s sensitive data on websites, where usernames, passwords, and potential credit card information are available for nefarious individuals to intercept.

Developer and cryptography consultant Filippo Valsorda published a tool that lets people check Web sites for Heartbleed vulnerability. The tool showed Google, Microsoft, Twitter, Facebook, Dropbox, and several other major Web sites to be unaffected. Use the tool to test and see if your web site is affected. Go to this web page and check which sites have been patched since the bug was announced, HeartBleed checker.

Security vulnerabilities come and go, but this particular one is very serious. The main message we want to communicate to users is to update / change your password and make the password more complex. HeartBleed is a massive bug that should be taken extremely serious.

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