Why Your World Would End If IT Support Disappeared!

IT support has become an integral part of many organizations. Computers have become unbelievably important. So much so, that I’d like to think these components have become as important as electricity and water in a standard office. Here is a perfect example of how a Managed Service provider benefits business, which allows employees and owners to focus on generating revenue for the company.

Say you are a small business owner who has 5 desktops, 1 printer, and 1 server all linked on 1 network. Days go by and all of the computer hardware is running smoothly. One day, the network becomes inconsistent, connecting and disconnecting from the Internet, and you see emails stuck in the outbox. Sound familiar? Employee emails are not being sent out, and are unable to reach customers or communicate with vendors. One phone begins to ring, then another, and another. While the employees are on the phone supporting incoming calls from customers, the business owner is staring at the router trying to see what the issue is and losing valuable time. The owner is busy attempting to fix the router and call the Internet service provider, and all her time has been wasted on attempting to find a solution, which has resulted in a loss of potential revenue. Without a dedicated IT support team, everyone loses time and potential revenue while they scramble to fix an unforeseen issue. In this case as well as countless others, time saved is money gained.

Virtually every one of our clients have witnessed similar situations and now benefit from outsourcing to a managed service provider. If your business uses technology to communicate with staff, clients, and vendors, chances are great that your company will benefit as well. It is in the best interest for a business to focus on their core business that allows them to generate revenue while never having to worry about the technical aspects – especially so if you do not have an in-house IT team. Here is a great way for the owner to consider hiring a Managed Service provider who can assist in maintaining the companies infrastructure. In the example above, a good IT support team would have proactively been monitoring the network, performed the necessary diagnostics, and would have resolved the issue efficiently, if not avoiding the issue entirely, therefore allowing the business to focus on core functions and enhance the company’s profitability. The Manage Service vendor provides the necessary service to keep all of the components humming.

Do you agree with this statement? Do you have a Manage Service Provider who proactively monitors hardware on your network? We’d love to hear about your experience with your Manage Service provider!

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