This Is How Businesses Are Working From Home

The Future of Telework

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic will forever change the way businesses operate. For instance, organizations will continue to work from home the remaining 2020 year. Additionally, corporations may come to the realization certain departments may not need office space, therefore, can remain working from home. As a result working remotely prevents workers utilizing everyday tools to perform day-to-day tasks. However, there are multiple applications organizations can use to help keep productivity moving. Here’s a list of essential tools to help keep all users working efficiently in a new world of normal.

Remote Desktop Access

Need to put together a presentation for a potential sale but all of your digital assets are on your work computer? Although heading to the office and downloading the assets to a thumb drive is an option – a more proactive approach is to incorporate a desktop remote connection protocol. Before we dive into the dozens of options available to organizations, the solution a Managed IT Service provider implements typically requires business-class hardware. In short, the solution involves a Firewall, virtual private network (VPN), and remote desktop connection app.

Virtual Private Network (VPN) / Remote Desktop Connection [Recommended]

Most Managed IT Service provider will recommend installing a VPN and remote desktop connection program, which includes a secure connection. A secure connection will include a virtual tunnel users can login with provided credentials. The two-step process maintains complete control of end-to-end connection that allows an IT service provider help troubleshoot connectivity problems. Unlike a third party software – no one outside of a remote connection app like TeamViewer will know what the issue entails.

Ongoing Communication

Zoom is booming in today’s present work atmosphere. More and more business’ are utilizing the application to engage with customers, associates, and vendors. In addition to Zoom, other communication applications are used for staying in touch with all facets of the business. For instance, Zuma Technology uses Google Hangouts to chat with one another. The service provides instant messaging, which allows a team member to present a question or stay in touch with a colleague about an ongoing project. Likewise a group chat can be implemented for more than 2 individuals. How is your business maintaining ongoing communication?

Microsoft Teams

Briefly discussing Google Hangouts, another alternative is Microsoft Teams. In fact, if a company’s email provider is Microsoft 365 the business comes with Microsoft Teams. Communication is key for any business. Teams allows for instant messaging, group messaging, video calls, and numerous other services. Incorporating a communication service will increase productivity as well as keep communication open for all.

Home Internet Connection

Home internet has been relied on more than ever. A home and business internet connection differ on varies levels. We won’t dive into the technical specifics, but will provide basic concepts to help illustrate the difference. For instance, if you’re on Spectrum Internet chances are you’re using a cable connection. Most residence based cable connections are shared with your neighbors. With this in mind all residences using the internet will affect your internet connection. Imagine the neighborhood streaming Netflix, your internet connection could slow down and remain affected. Instead we recommend a business internet connection. A business connection is a dedicated internet line strictly for you. A household can obtain a business internet connection with the right paperwork.

Hardware Upgrades

A good amount of time when purchasing Internet from an Internet Service Provider (ISP) the provider sells a modem / router to the customer. Pre-cornavirus the devices provided by the ISP were sufficient. Fast forward to 2020 and we recommend a more beefier device. We won’t dive deep into models to choose from – partnering with a managed IT service provider will help recommend a device suitable for your home network needs.

Working from home has become a new normal for office based businesses. We’ve helped adapt organizations to the changing environment with the helpful tools mentioned. Keep your business efficient, productive, and most importantly profitable.

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