How To Use Timing To Effectively Tweet Your Audience On Twitter

It is no secret that Twitter is on the forefront of platforms used by businesses to interact with consumers through social media. Most business marketing models nowadays require a social media presence. Twitter boasts over 215 million active users that your company can connect with in areas such as branding, marketing, news, and customer feedback. In the case of social marketing, Twitter can be a powerful tool indeed. How does your business make the absolute most of your opportunities on this platform? There are many areas we can touch on, and in today’s blog we are going to analyze the timing of our tweets.

If you look for published research on the best time to post on Twitter, much of the advice will tell you that the prime time to publish posts are Monday through Thursday from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. While this advice is accurate and statistically proven it does not necessarily take into account the nuances between each industry. In other words, just because the most overall users are active on the website at these times does not also mean that all of them are the demographic your business is looking to reach.

For example, if your brand is in the video game industry and you want to maximize your exposure to your target audience would the best times be to post in the afternoon? A majority of gamers would say the answer is “probably not.”  Gaming is a recreational activity, and most gaming takes place during an individual’s free time. The best times to reach a gamer overall would be later in the day after school and work hours when gamers may be home relaxing, playing video games, and browsing for gaming news on social media to see what is trending with friends. If a gaming business were to publish a marketing-related post in the time window that is generally suggested by research on the topic the chances are not as many gaming consumers as possible may have the opportunity to view that content. In this case, bad timing may very well limit the potential of your social marketing opportunities.

In the end, an important aspect of social marketing to keep in mind is that of your audience.  The only way to tap into all the potential of your target audience is to understand who they are and what they’re looking for. Gaining the most exposure depends very much on the interests of the people you are trying to reach. You should also remember that there are other important factors to achieve success on Twitter such as the level of engagement and relationships you have with your audience. While optimal timing can definitely help improve the visibility of your tweets, it may not connect well with your audience if you have little or no engagement with them.

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By Kyle Jasinski

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