How To Increase Mobile Sales!

On this very blog, we have discussed how incorporating a mobile strategy into a business is essential in today’s mobile driven world. Why is it important to include mobile marketing into a business’ marketing plan? Google itself has estimated that in some search cases over 50% of queries come from mobile devices. Let that statement sink in for a minute. Mobile search, in some cases, is over 50% of search queries. That is an astonishing fact! This statement alone should get you excited for this post as we discuss why having your site mobile ready and advertising on mobile devices is an avenue businesses should be pursing. Time for businesses to catch up!

If you have been following this blog, we’ve discussed numerous ways of optimizing mobile sites for mobile devices, one of which was responsive design. Nowadays having your website optimized for mobile devices is a great start, but are you ready for advertising the business website on mobile devices?

How To Prevent Businesses From Losing Mobile Sales

As a business begins to research the optimal demographic, a lot of work is put into place prior to a campaign being launched. However, if a website or landing page is not optimized for mobile traffic there is a chance you will be losing customers and wasting marketing budget. Let’s have a look at a scenario of what a lot of customer’s experience when shopping online on a mobile device.

Suppose a holiday shopper is Christmas shopping online at work. The shopper begins to perform some research on the desktop at work and decides to collect sites to view later at night. The customer decides to power up a mobile device and goes with a tablet. This is were the website comes into play. The shopper lands on an eCommerce website, but has to pinch, zoom, and scroll all over the website just to navigate in the website. Due to frustration, the consumer leaves the site for another website, perhaps a competitor site. The customer navigates to the competitor’s website and see’s how easy to use and compatible the website is with the consumer’s tablet. The customer had such a lovely experience, the shopper decides to make a purchase. The purchase is complete and the Christmas shopping continues!

Businesses need to understand the mobile experience is just as important if not more important than the desktop experience. The scenario above has happened to many consumers who gave up due to incompatibility with their mobile device and went on to shop at a different online retailer. With the growth of tablets and smartphones soon to outpace PCs, websites need to have their site fully optimized for numerous screen sizes going forward. Whether a customer is using a smartphone or tablet, mobile shoppers are 67% more likely to buy from an optimized mobile site than a non mobile friendly site.

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