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Most of our readers have heard of Google AdWords but are not sure how it works and how it can help with the bottom line. For starters, Google AdWords is digital marketing on the search engine Google. People use keywords or search phrases to find specific products or services. From here, ads appear on the top and right side of the search results page. When people click on your ad, they’ll go to your website to learn more about a service or product. The visitor may even buy the item therefore making a sale. That’s AdWords in a nutshell. So how can AdWords help your business grow and how much does it cost?

Build Brand Awareness

Google AdWords is a great way for building brand awareness. When individuals are searching for your product and / or service, depending on where the individual is in the buying process, that individual is ready to perform an action. Now, whether the action be to buy the product or service now or perform some research, you want to have your brand at the top of the search result ad position. Why do you want to the first slot? Research shows the top spot in the first ad position has shown to attract the most traffic and increase click through rate. In addition, having the top spot establishes a brand as reputable. Searchers understand companies at the top are quality companies that know being number one is a way of generating quality leads.


AdWords Ad In Action!

What Does AdWords Cost?

AdWords can vary in cost. Depending on the size of a marketing budget, AdWords can be used for all size businesses. The AdWords management team at Zuma Technology, has worked with various budgets and have been able to produce high click through rates, increase conversions, and generate quality traffic. We’ll provide an example on two different budgets. A client of ours is a real estate developer. Their AdWords account was in bad shape before we took over. We were able to lower their budget from $2,500 to $1,500 a month, increase the conversion rate by 12%, and increase the company’s click through rate by 44%. Not only did we help lower the customer’s budget, but we were able to increase conversions and generate quality traffic. Another customer we acquired was having issues with their AdWords account. This customer is an optics transceiver seller. The company has over 1,000 products and the marketing spend was leaving money on the table. We were able to optimize the account by agreeing with the customer to not advertise during the weekend, as their audience was B2B, and focus on conversion optimization ( in their case making a sale on the site) for the website. We were able to test various landing pages to find the optimal registration form and landing page layout.

Just like in every web based business, testing different variations of ads, keywords, and landing pages is a must! Another Google product that helped with making intelligent business decisions on behalf of our customers is having Google Analytics installed on the website. This product is an invaluable asset that provides great data on how visitors are engaging with your website. Next post we’ll discuss some features about AdWords and how these tools can help develop content for your website.

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