4 Mobile Trends You Don’t Want To Miss

The mobile trend has evolved into more than optimizing a website or app for mobile devices. Sure, having an optimized site for mobile is still important and yes, having an app for multiple platforms is a must, but the true revenue generator relies on the customer’s experience. With mobile devices being within an arms length of consumers, it is up to companies to establish a trusting relationship with the customer base. Building relationships extends beyond thanking a customer for a purchase. The customer’s relationship and experience with a company will outlast any competition that comes into play. Take Apple’s customers as an example:  Many are loyal, devoted, and willing to fight tooth-and-nail for the company’s products.

Why Is It Important To Have A Blog?

Blogging has been a big part of the Internet since the late 90s, when fortune 500 companies adopted blogs as a way to announce new products or service announcements. For example, Google has numerous blogs about their many products and services. Each blog dedicated to many facets such as announcing upcoming changes to Google AdWords or new web interface changes to Google Analytics. For small businesses, how important is blogging? The answer is quite simple: a lot. Blogging is a great tool for small business to help generate search traffic and communicate authority about their respective industry, which helps create fresh content on a regular basis.

Be Informed About HeartBleed

The newest vulnerability to hit the internet within the last couple of days is a bug known to the public as HeartBleed. What exactly is HeartBleed? The virus is an exploit inside an open source software called OpenSSL. OpenSSL, in simple terms, is a free software that is widely used to encrypt web communication on a multitude of websites throughout the internet. The big exploit at the moment is the virus reveals user’s sensitive data on websites, where usernames, passwords, and potential credit card information are available for nefarious individuals to intercept.

How Cloud Computing Can Help Small & Medium Businesses

Cloud Computing has become a hot buzzword over the last few years. With every type of business aspect being performed ‘in the cloud’ lots of different size companies can benefit from using cloud-based services. Enterprise businesses have greatly benefited from cloud computing with storage, email, web applications, and document management, just to name a few. As a small business ourselves, we understand the importance of productivity, organization, and most of all, cost savings. We are here to tell you that as a business owner, there is no need to break the bank when it comes to cloud based solutions. Follow us on this journey as we provide the benefits of cloud computing and how these systems can be implemented today.