3 SEO Changes You Can Make Right Now!

As any small and medium size business owner knows, time is money. How much time do you spend on marketing? Payroll? Operations? These are valuable questions most, if not all, business owners have to contend with when running the day to day business activities. Staying with the same theme, how often do you optimize your website? When was the last time you made modifications to the website? Don’t worry, Zuma Technology is here to help! Optimizing your entire website is no small UK feat, however, we have 3 changes you can make right now to your website in less than 30 minutes to assist in ranking higher on the Organic side of search.

Meta Tags

What are meta tags? The text content in these tags are not displayed for the human, but tells web browsers and search engines what the page is about. The meta description tag is an attribute that should be optimized for search engine optimization (SEO). Write a unique description for each web page that informs wholesale mlb jerseys and creates interest for your target audience. A page’s description meta tag may be a sentence or two and no longer than 150 – 160 characters max. When potential customers are looking for you on search engines, you will notice a small description below the title of the search result. If you leave this tag empty, wholesale nba jerseys the search engine will determine what to display. cheap mlb jerseys You, the site owner, should be in control DE In and determine what the search engine displays when it comes to your page’s description.


Title Tags

Title tags are still very important in SEO. These are the set of keywords individuals see when performing queries on search engines. Choose a title that effectively communicates the topic of the page’s content. Create unique Title tags for individual pages, this will help search engines differentiate each wholesale nba jerseys page from the next. Titles ??????????????????????????????????????????????????? can be both short and informative, but most of all, should be targeted to your customers. If the title is too long, search engines like Google, will show only a portion of it in the search result page. Keep the Page? Title tags Your less than 70 characters, as this is the limit Google displays in search results. The unique a web page’s title is and when targeted correctly, you cheap nfl jerseys will have a higher probability of having visitors click through onto your Want web site.


After Titles, headers are the 4 next best indicator for search spiders to identify the topic of the web page. Headers still play a critical role in SEO and each page should have a keyword or two associated in the header for optimal search traffic. Having a background in SEO and user interface design, there is a hierarchy of headers that should be followed. There are 6 headers in total, with header 1 (H1) being the Optimization highest ranked to search engines. It is wise to have the H1 tag on every single web page describing what the page is about. Say you are a local bakery Local that specializes in selling cupcakes in a specific city. With all web page components being equal, having the city name with targeted keywords will helps visitors and search engines find the cupcake page on search engine results.

SEO is like any aspect of business, cheap nba jerseys you need to perform your due diligence on a strategy for your website’s optimization. Perform the keyword research prior to adding / modifying your current content for optimal results and you will be on the road to SEO success!

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